Bike Park Cornwall | Origins
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What got the wheels turning for Bikepark Cornwall?

Cornwall has long been established as a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors. Our legendary sandy beaches, rugged open moorlands and quiet secluded valleys are hugely varied and offer something for everyone.

Off road cycling in its various forms has always been popular in Cornwall and three years ago, when the new mountain bike trails opened at Lanhydrock and Cardinham, they immediately proved popular. Whilst these facilities are a lot of fun and are enjoyed by a great number of people, a lot of folk are hungry for more.

Recognising this and ourselves having spent countless hours driving away from the South West in search of a trail fix, we decided Cornwall needed a quality trail centre of its own. So in the winter of 2015 we thought we’d see what we could do to get Bikepark Cornwall underway and started making some phone calls and writing a few emails.

Two years later we have secured good support from a number of key local and regional decision makers, and are working towards securing a base on a piece of hilly woodland near Bodmin. All being well, we are hoping to be open for the summer of 2018.