Bike Park Cornwall | Bikepark Cornwall update – June 2017
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Bikepark Cornwall update – June 2017

Bikepark Cornwall update – June 2017

Following a successful fundraising campaign last November, the feasibility study was carried out earlier this year with the completed report being published in March. 

Whilst the feasibility study was entirely positive in its conclusions, the land owner, with whom we had hoped to agree a lease to operate the bikepark at the woodland site, has now decided that they do not want to pursue the development of the proposed trail centre.

We have spent the past eight weeks seeking clarification on their position, and attempting to see if there is any way the project can progress at this location, but without success. In the short term, this is a very disappointing outcome both for Bikepark Cornwall and for off road cycling in the South West, especially as the case to progress the project presented in the feasibility study is so strong.

Despite this setback, the determination and commitment of the Bikepark Cornwall team to build a high quality trail centre here in the far South West, remains undiminished. Our passion and drive to build a progressive, fun and challenging woodland-based bikepark is stronger than ever. The good news is that a number of alternative locations have been identified and are currently being evaluated. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to progress the project. We WILL make this happen!

If you would like to take a look at the feasibility study, please drop into either Cranked Bikes in Bodmin, or UNIT Cycles in Truro where they have printed copies to hand.

Keep tuned to the website for progress updates over the summer.

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