Bike Park Cornwall | Rider Survey
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Rider Survey

Measuring the demand

In 2015 we carried out an online survey to find out whether there was support from riders to create a dedicated mountainbike trail centre in Cornwall.

The survey was published online on 28 July 2015, and within 48 hours received an incredible 1,000 responses, drawing opinions from a great mix of ages and abilities and both genders.

Throughout the total time period the survey was live (between 28 July and 7 October 2015) an impressive 1,791 people responded, with the majority eager to see a mountain biking trail here in Cornwall. Scroll down to see the results…

Where do you live?

We asked where people taking the survey were from, to get an idea of how far the interest for Bikepark Cornwall would reach. Over 50% of the respondents were residents of Cornwall, showing a local interest in a development, with the remaining participants from Devon and beyond.

Do you think that cycling and Cornwall would benefit from having a new off road trail centre?

Of the 1,791 respondents of the survey, 1,772 people thought an off road cycle trail in Cornwall would be a good idea. The question raised concerns about the potential traffic and accessibility problems, which are valid points which have been considered. However, negatives were hugely outweighed by the overwhelming positives, with numerous acknowledgements of the employment opportunities, economic and health benefits, and boosted tourism that Bikepark Cornwall will provide.

Cornwall would be an amazing place to have a bike park due to its landscape and friendly people. It already has a great reputation for surfing and beaches, so why not add to that with a bike park too?

Do you think people would get out on their bikes more often if they had access to a bike park in Cornwall?

93% thought that having a mountainbike trail centre in Cornwall would encourage people to get out on their bikes, suggesting the development would increase the likelihood of more active and therefore healthier lifestyles, and increased levels of participation for all ages and abilities.

Bikepark Cornwall will be amazing for the biking world, encouraging young kids to get out on their bikes and become the next Rachel Athertons and Josh Brycelands of Cornwall.

Do you ever ride at trail centres up country or abroad?

1,707 of the 1,791 people who took part in the survey said they visit a bike park at least once or twice a year, some travelling as far as the Alps, Canada and New Zealand.

The Cornish economy is losing out with local riders travelling out of county to visit trail centres, and without a top level bikepark the county cannot attract visitors to come and ride here.

I would ride more often but travel cost and distance are prohibitive.

Do you feel that participation levels and the growth of the sport are currently restricted due to a shortage of facilities in Cornwall?

We asked if respondents thought the available off-road cycling trails in Cornwall were sufficient for growing the sport and encouraging involvement throughout the community. 94% of respondents thought there are currently inadequate facilities in Cornwall.

Additional places to ride with trails graded for all skill levels can only be a great thing for the area.

What kind of riding do you do?

We wanted to know what kind of riding people participated in, to find out which facilities would be most used and are in most demand. Respondents were asked to select all that applied to them from a choice of ten, and cross-country, enduro, downhill and recreational were the four most popular.

Overall, the results provided very encouraging data, which shows there is a clear need for a new trail centre to meet demand from local riders, and to attract tourism to central Cornwall. Thank you to everyone who took the time to do the survey.